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Welkom to online psychic chat! Did you always wanted to have free psychic chat to ask about anything you have on your mind? Do you want to talk to a professional psychic medium about your problems or concerns? Do you have a specific question you are dying to get a reliable answer to? Then look no further. We offer free online psychic chat with proven psychic readers from all over the world. You can chat with professional and experienced psychic readers who are available for accurate chat readings whenever you need it. The psychic chat rooms are without further obligations and available for you 24/7. Let us tell you all about it and how to get a free psychic reading that will offer you the honest and accurate answers and the clarity you are looking for. Please read all information on this website carefully to avoid any misunderstandings. We are the #1 online psychic chat offering live chat readings to you from the comfort of your home.

What is online psychic chat?

Our online psychic chat rooms are live video chat rooms where you can talk to professional and well known psychics from the comfort of your home. It offers people from all over the world the opportunity to get into contact with real and proven psychics, mediums, fortune tellers, tarot readers, astrologers and healers in a quick, easy and safe way. All you have to do is register an account and contact the consultant of your choice. There is no need to make an appointment. There are spiritual advisors available at any time during the day and even at night. Most psychic chat rooms only offer live chat but we offer live video chat and live video call. Which means that you can not only chat with the psychics but you can also see them live via a webcam and talk to them through a microphone. This makes getting an online psychic chat reading even more exciting and thrustworthy as you can see exaclty who you are talking to and what the psychic is doing during the reading. You can literally watch how the reader is spreading the tarot cards for you or how they are connecting with spirit through channeling or automatic writing.

How does the free psychic chat work?

As we said before, we also offer completely free psychic chat. There are many psychics who have a live public chat room that is free to join without further obligations. This means that anyone can enter their chat and talk to the psychic at no cost.

These psychics use their public room to interact with chatters and let people get familiar with them. They often also provide free yes or no answers and free readings in their public chat room. 

But you can also use the public chat rooms to just talk to the advisors about anything you feel like. You can ask them for example about spirituality, the paranormal, psychic abilities and about the services they offer. Make sure you register an account so that you can start a chat. When you don't register you can only send suggested questions.  

Is free psychic chat a scam?

Unfortunately many people believe that free psychic chat rooms are a scam. But we can assure you that they are not. You just need to understand what the real purpose of free psychic chat rooms is and what to expect from them. As mentioned above they are meant to help the psychics and their clients. Psychics can demonstrate their abilities and clients are able to ask the psychic about anything they want to know and even get some free answers that can prove that the psychic in question is the real deal. The free chat rooms are not meant to just get a totally free reading. It is all up to the readers how they want to spend their time in the public chat. 

How to get some answers fast

When you are looking for some free psychic questions fast then there are 2 options to choose from. The first one is to just look for a live psychic that is willing to give you some answers for free.

You can look for an advisor that is already doing free readings or you can just ask a psychic if they are willing to give you some free information. You can also always ask them to play games like ''Pick a card'' or ''Yes or no''.

Especially free tarot readings are popular during the public chat. It should be fairly easy to receive some answers in no time.

Get a completey free psychic reading right away

The second option to get a free reading is to register an account and validate a credit card. There is no deposit needed. You will get 9,99 credits after joining. You can use these credits for a reading up to 10 minutes. (Depending on the price of the psychic). This offer is for all new registered users only!

Whe you choose this option you can get a private reading with the psychic. During this reading you can turn on your webcam and microphone as well. 

Recommended free psychics

There are many spiritual consultants who offer free chat. Let us recommend a few who offer tarot readings and short demo readings on a regular basis.

These are some of the most popular psychics on our website 









Live psychics available

When you browse the website you will see that we have a great variety of experienced psychics who you can choose from. But not all psychics are live at that moment in time. You can find all live psychics at our Live psychics page. 

This page shows all consultants who are available for free chat. Their chat rooms are totally free to join and available for anyone who is interested to chat for free and maybe get some totally free psychic answers. 

Other psychics who are not live at the moment may be available for a video call or video chat reading but they are just not available for a free live chat at this moment in time. 

Psychic chat for insight and advice

Psychic readers are often contacted for future predictions but a real psychic reading is actually all about receiving insight, clarity and advice. A good psychic reader is able to connect to your energy right away and they will know exaclty what's important for you at his point in your life. They can help you understand the situation you are in and the lesson you have to learn. Sometimes it is hard for us to understand why we are facing a challenge and we don't know what to do with it or how to respond. A psychic, medium, tarot reader, clairvoyant or astrologer can then help you gain insight and offer you honest advice. You can then move forward with a better understanding and clarity. You now know what steps to take next and you will have hope again that the situation can soon be solved.  

Psychic readings for future predictions

Psychic oracle chat
Psychic oracle chat

Future predictions are the most common reason why people visit a psychic or join online psychic chat. People are dying to know what they can expect in their nearby or far future. Some psychics are specialized in predicting future events. They use tarot cards, a crystal ball or astrology to receive information about someone's future. Psychics, fortune tellers and clairvoyants can make accurate predictions about any topic in life. Popular topics are love, relationships, money, career, children, pregnancy and health. But you can ask a psychic about anything you have in mind. That being said, remember that a psychic does not know it all. They can only share with you the information that is given to them by the spiritual world. They decide what information can be shared with you at this point in time. 

What kind of psychic readings do we offer?

There are actually many kinds of psychic readings you can get. When you ask for a specific reading then the psychic will know better where they should focus on. Do you want a general reading that covers all important topics in your life? Or do you want an in depth love reading, pregnacy reading, animal reading, pregnancy reading or maybe a financial reading?

Do you want to know about the future or are you looking for some insight in a specific situation? It is very important for you to understand what you are looking for so that you will not be dissapointed afterwards.

Psychic medium reading 

A medium will connect with your passed loved ones. During a medium reading you can receive healing and comforting messages from your friends and family who have crossed over. Medium readings are the best way to prove that there is life after death. 

Psychic reading

A psychic will use his or her psychic abilities to receive information about your past, present and future. This can cover any topic in life. 

Psychic love reading

A love reading focusses just on your love life. Get clarity, insight and even future predictions. You can get a love tarot reading, love astrology reading or for example a crystal ball love reading. 

Financial reading

This reading is all about your finances. Find out how you can attract more money and let a psychic predict your financial situation in your nearby or far future. Like any other reading, this reading can be done with tarot cards, a crystal ball and by using astrology. But there are many other tools psychics use to provide their readings. 

Pregnancy reading

A psychic will focus on your current or future pregnancy to see what information they receive and are able to share with you.

Tarot card reading

A psychic or fortune teller will use tarot cards to receive information about any topic in your life that interests your. For example love, money, career, children, pregnancy and health.

Animal reading/pet reading

Some psychics also call themselves animal readers. This means that they can connect with the energy and souls of all animal deceased and/or living. An animal reading can offer insight and clarity in your pets behaviour. An animal medium can also connect with your deceased furry friend and communicate with it. 

Dream interpretation

Are you having the same dream over and over again and are you wondering what message it tries to tell you? A psychic can explain to you what this dream exactly means and what your soul wants to express to you. 

Astrology reading

A professional astrologer can create a personal astrology report based on your date and time of birth. This is a very detailed report just for you. The astrologer can also create astrology reports based on just your zodiac sign. Astrology reports cover all topics in life. It can even talk about your past lives and karma. Also compatibility reports can be created for you and your partner, children, friends etc. 

Spirit guide reading

Learn more about who your spirit guides are and see if they have anything important to share with you. 

Past life reading

A past life reading focusses on your past lives. Understand yourself better by learning about your previous lives, souls journey and karma.

Spiritual healing/reading

An experienced healer can take a look at your energy field, aura and chakra's to see if there or any blockages. A psychic healing can help to restore any damages in your aura and chakra's so that physical and mental issues can be resolved. 

Free psychic love chat

Many people are interested in a psychic love reading and are looking to get some answers in the love department. Some people are lonely and want to know when they will meet somebody. Others are in a relationship but are wondering if they partners is completely honest and loyal to them. A psychic love chat reading can answers all of your love related questions. 

Are you wondering if your partner is your soulmate and if you will get married soon? Or do you want to know if you ex is still thinking about you and if there is any chance that you will get back together? Talk to one of our experienced love psychics and get insight, clarity and honest answers to all your burning questions. 

Psychic medium chat

Next to psychic chat you can also get reliable psychic medium chat. Psychic medium chat is different from psychic chat because a medium also has the ability to connect with the spiritual world. This means that they can talk to angels, guides and deceased people. If you are looking to re-connect with a passed loved one then a psychic medium chat can help you with that. You can talk to our proven online mediums and get your reading completely for free or for a very afforable price. 

Start a free psychic medium chat

Fortune teller chat

Through a reliable fortune teller chat you can get accurate and honest answers regarding your future. This can be about any topic in life. A fortune teller chat reading can answer your burning questions about your love life, finances, pregnancy and even your health. We have the best crystal ball readers, tarot readers, astrologers and palm readers that can tell you all about your fortune and what to expect in the upcoming months or even years. 

Start a free fortune teller chat

Yes or no psychic answers

Our online psychic chat rooms are also popular for asking quick yes or no psychic questions. Some people are just not looking for an in depth reading. They are just interested in knowing the outcome of a certain situation or problem. Many psychics provide quick yes or no answers in their free chat room. 

Just keep in mind that not every outcome is set in stone and sometimes there is no obvious answer available yet. That being said, our psychics are always willing to take a look and see what they are able to share with you. 

How to choose the best psychic for you

The best tip we could give you is to use the free chat to get to know the psychic before you get a detailed reading from them. Ask them anything you want to know and see if there is a connection between you and the psychic. See if he of she wants to share some information with you that resonates with how you are feeling at the moment. The better the connection with the psychic the better the reading will be. You will open up more and then the psychic is able to read your energy more easily. Just talk to the psychic and ask them about there psychic gifts and in what kinds of readings they are specialized in. Some psychics are specialized in love readings while others or more specialized in for example energy healings or medium readings. 

How to get the best psychic chat reading possible

It all starts with choosing the best psychic for your query using the tips above. Then make sure that you have an open mind and you are open to anything the psychic has to tell you. It does not mean that you have to let a psychic change your mind or that you feel forced to make any dicisions that you are not comfortable with. Just be openminded. 

Don't share too much information to start with but let the psychic do most of the talking. Let the psychic know what your question is and what you would like to know. Be specific so that you won't get dissapointed. Most good psychics will know right away what kind of information is important for you at this moment in time but sometimes a person is focussing on other things and are only interested in talking about that specific topic. That is too bad because the information that the psychic is given is very valuable and could help you more than you think. So if the psychic goes of topic our tip is to listen carefully to what they have to say. They aren't sharing this information with you for no reason.

And last, dont feel rushed during the reading but take your time to talk to the psychic. Sometimes a psychic needs a little time to make a good connection and they will receive more and more specific details as time goes on and the conversations flows. 

Is a psychic chat reading is good as a real life reading?

We have heard this question many times. We would like to ensure you that a psychic chat reading is equally as good. A psychic does not have to be in the same room with the person who is receiving the reading. Therefore a psychic is able to do a reading in real life, on the phone and by chat, The information they will receive is the same. The only difference is the way they transfer the information to you. Your personal preferences decide wheter you like a real life reading or a chat reading better, 

Benefits of online psychic chat rooms

Online psychic chat rooms have many benefits over a real life psychic reading. Online psychic chat readings or becoming more popular by the day. We would like to share the best benefits with you.

  • You can talk to highly skilled psychics whenever, wherever
  • No need to leave your home 
  • There is no need to make an appointment
  • There are top psychics available 24/7
  • There is a great choice of online psychics with different skills and expertise
  • You decide how long a video chat or video reading will last
  • You can chat on your desktop, tablet and mobile phone
  • Many people find it more easy to discuss personal problems by chat than in real life
  • You can talk to like-minded people in the spiritual community
  • You can get some free answers and free psychic readings

Benefits of free online psychic chat

As you now know we offer unlimited free psychic chat to people from all over the world. Our free psychic chat has some great benefits as well. 

  1. Get to know the psychics before you get a reading
  2. You can use the free chat to learn more about any spiritual topic you are interested in such as tarot cards, astrology and past lives and karma. 
  3. You can get some free answers and readings during the free chat

Join psychic chat without a credit card

Our online psychic chat rooms are available for everyone, without the need for a credit card. We don't ask for any payment details when you join us. You only need a credit card when you want to take advantage of the special promotion for new users. When you validate your credit card as a new user you will get 9,99 free credits. ( No deposit needed).

How to choose the best psychic for you

Due to the fact that there are many psychics available we understand that you might find it difficult to choose the best psychic for your question or problem. The best tip we could give you is to just follow your intuition. Pick the psychic you feel a connection with. Then start a free chat and see if you really feel good about sharing your personal information with them. You can also ask them some things to get to know him or her better. When there is a genuine connection then you should be able to get a good reading from them. 

It is very important to share a good connection with your psychic. When there is a good connection you feel more comfortable opening up and the psychic can read your energy better which will help you get a more detailed and accurate reading. 

Levels of expertise

All psychics are different and some have more experience than others. Many psychics who have years and years of experience may charge more than psychics who are new to the website and want to attract some clients as soon as possible. Therefore they provide their readings for a lot less than the more experienced psychics. It does not mean that their readings are not accurate but they just want to build a name for themselves and grow clientele on the website. You can take advantage of this and get your reading at a real attractive price. (Starting at $0,99)

We test all out psychics and we can guarantee you that they all are able to provide accurate online readings by live chat. 

When you use the 10.000 free credits for a free reading it is important to ask yourself on which psychic you want to spend these credits. The more the psychic charges the shorter the reading will be of course. 

Best psychic readings available

When you are looking to get the very best psychic chat reading available then we are definitely the best choice. We have psychics from all over the world. We have psychics with different skills and different levels of expertise. Our psychic readers have a lot to offer and you can get any psychic reading you are looking for! Crystal ball readings, palm readings, numerology readings, sound baths, Angel readings, astrology readings, medium readings, we offer it all! And the best thing is, you can even get it all for free! Just register and validate your credit card and benefit from our special welcome offer of 9,99 free credits!

Important to know when joining our psychic chat

Psychic readings are meant to help and guide you. They offer guidance and clarity as well as advice and tools to help you resolve problems in your life. They are not meant to predict your whole future or to make you feel bad in any way. Always have an open mind and make sure you understand that you could receive answers you where hoping not to hear. A good psychic is always honest also when the answer could dissapoint you.

Also remember that you have a free will and it is totally up to you how you respond to a psychic's advice. 

We are the #1 online psychic chat 

We are very proud to say the we are the #1 online spiritual community offering live video chat and live video readings 24/7! We have millions of satisfied users and provide thousands of online psychic chat readings every month! We are also the only online psychic chat website that offers unlimited free psychic chat. So join us today and find out why we are the #1 online psychic chat website for over 10 years!

What makes us unique?

As we said before, we are still the only psychic chat reading website that offers unlimited free chat with our psychics, mediums, fortune tellers, clairvoyants, tarot readers, astrologers and healers. We are also the only online psychic chat that offers their customers a welcome offer of 9,99 free credits! And if that is not enough, we are also the only psychic chat website that offers live video chat and video call readings to people from all over the world, paid and free! 

Great customer support

Do you have any questions or problems regarding our website or services? Then feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you. We want our customers to be happy and satisfied with our services so we will do anything to make that happen. So if there is anything you need to know about online psychic chat or our free psychic chat just let us know!