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If you are looking to get an accurate free psychic reading online then you have come to the right place. Although there are many websites who claim to offer completely free psychic readings, there are only a few who are worth your time. We are the #1 psychic website that really provides hundreds of free spiritual readings a day. Everyone has the opportunity to get some free psychic answers from al real psychic or medium. All you have to do is register an account and make use of the live chat or our special welcome offer. A totally free psychic reading is waiting for you.

About our free psychic readings

Everyday many people search for a 100% free psychic reading online. Sometimes people are skeptical and don't want to pay for a reading when they are just not sure if they can trust the psychic. For that reason we offer no cost psychic readings to anyone who is interested. 

We understand that many people have a lot of questions about online psychic readings and are hesitate to spend their hard earned money. Therefore we have a special welcome offer for all new registered users. Everybody can get 9,99 credits by just validating a credit card. No deposit is needed. In that way you can get familiar with an online reading and you don't have to spend any money doing so. But that is just the first option. We also have another option for those without a credit card

Free psychic reading during a live chat

Another great way to get some free psychic answers is to participate in a free chat with a live psychic. During this chat many psychics offer totally free tarot readings. The psychics are giving people the chance to ask a free question without further opbligations. 

Many psychics play games like ''yes or No'' or ''Pick a card. Feel free to ask the psychics to play games to get a chance to ask some questions. 

During a free chat with a live psychic, medium, fortune teller or clairvoyant you should get an honest answer to your question in no time. But keep in mind that not all psychics and mediums are the same. Not all psychics use the live chat to provide readings at no cost. So make sure you look for a psychic who does.  

Are free psychic readings and answers legit?

It depends on where you get your free online psychic reading from. Definitely not all no cost psychic readings are to be trusted. Always do your research to make sure that a website or psychic is legit. 

Our free psychic readings and answers are really legit and you can trust them to be accurate. They are meant to prove that psychics and psychic readings are real and our psychics will do their very best to give you the most accurate reading possible. 

Why are free psychic readings often called a scam?

Many believe that a free reading from a psychic must be a scam. And we must admit that many indeed are a scam. Many websites claim to provide free medium readings but all they do is tell you nonsense to make you either scared or really exited to know more. This way you will pay for another reading that is also just a scam. Watch out for these tactics. The free readings they offer are just a way to try to make you pay for another reading. But the readings are not real and not performed by a real psychic. 

How are our free readings different?

Of course all free readings are like demo readings. When you like the reading and it resonates very well with you the psychic hopes that your are satisfied and maybe will come back for a paid reading in the future. There is nothing wrong with that. 

The differents from our free medium readings and the scammers is of course that our readings are performed by real psychics and they are legit readings. 

How many free psychic readings can you get?

You can only make use of our special welcome offer 1 time. But you can make use of the free chat as often as you like. This means that you can get unlimited free psychic readings and answers if you are interested. 

Is a free psychic reading as accurate as a paid reading?

Yes, definitely. But keep in mind that free psychic readings are often much shorter than a paid reading. A paid reading would therefore provide you more detailed information. Free readings are mostly meant for some quick answers, guidance and clarity. If you are looking for an indept reading than a paid reading would be the better choice. 

Are there any cons?

Like we said before, a free reading is not as detailed as a paid reading. So there is a chance that you will end up with some more questions. Especially when a psychics let's you ask a free question and then you want to know even more about it. Most times it is best to then proceed for a paid reading. This will probably answer all your questions at once. Other than that, free answers are always a great way to get some clarity or advice. 

What kinds of free psychic readings can you get?

At our website you can get any free psychic reading that you are interested in. For example a love reading, finance reading. pet reading, pregnancy reading, fortune reading, energy reading or medium reading. 

You can ask for a free tarot reading, crystal ball reading, astrology reading, numerology reading or even a palm reading. We have many different psychic readers with many different skills and expertise. No matter what you are looking for, you can probably find it in our chat rooms. 

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Are you interested in getting a free answer to your buring question? Just register an account and start your live chat right away. We have many live psychics available at any time during the day and even at night. 

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Are you looking to get a more indept psychic reading right away? Then just register an account and validate a credit card. No money will be charged. You will get the credits without having to make any deposit. You can use the credits for a reading up to 10 minutes. (Depeding on the price of the psychic). 

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